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Author/Artist: Diarmuid McAreavy
Title: G'bless Sony International
Transcribed by: Rabid_Fox (Diarmuid McAreavy

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Tuning: Standard
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Intro: G, C, Am, D
       G            C
Oh but punk is dead rock is dying
Am                   D
Indies fading out on life support
    G           C
And lets have a moments silence
Am                D
For the so called progressive bands

What's that playing on the radio
Why, it's pop, the everlasting
The groovy guys and the slutty girls
And isn't it great, isn't it grand

    G                      D 
But how many songs can you sing about love
Let's have another one
G                       D
How many rhymes can you find for heart
Let's find another one

G, C, Am, D x2

One demand will never sell out
One thing's guarenteed to sell
Sex appeal and buckets of it
Does it matter about melodies

Hormonal teens, puberty market
So gullible so unrefined, so HMV
Drop your guitar, forget your cymbals
To the disco my friends and listen hard


(Straight back into verse chords)
If something comes along
The bandwagon's there to jump upon
Flog the horse until it drops
Then it's time to jump back off