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Author/Artist: Diarmuid McAreavy 
Transcribed by: Rabid_Fox (Diarmuid McAreavy

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Tuning: Standard

g|2  Aaug5


Dm Aaug5 x2
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Dm         Aug5     Dm      Aaug5
In the new century it's 1916
Dm         Aaug5    Dm      Aaug5
Legitamized gall and itemized beatings
Em                         F         Am
It's too hard to pray down on broken knees
Em                    F      Am
Denial of faith from perfect bleeding

Sciolists hurt by feeling neutral
Borders inherent and division is futile
If it so happens that you are to die
Newspapers sculpt murderers reasons why

C                 G            D
Now the red is as blood on the Union Jack
C                 G                D
The Tricolours white is stained to black
C                 G                   D
It's too hard to be, it's too much to ask
C                 G                   D
You can't take lives and give nothing back

Dm Aaug5 x2

Pointing fingers just to achieve acceptance
Your grace, your highness, a terrorist, a reverand
Propaganda politics all forged from the past
The reasons to hate are the reasons to last

Define for us peace and avoid at all cost
Fuck Omagh, we've already forgotten the lost
Our children are shaped by the shape of the land
Divided and poisoned, just Northern Ireland.