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White Lies Chords

DISCLAIMER: I'm not going to write out the frets in each chord. 
You should know what notes are in the chords and how 
to play the chords on the guitar. If you don't, you have some basic stuff to learn. 
Go and learn it. 
All chords are written along with the the function of the chord underneath it in 
with roman numerals.
I hear the key as being C#m, although E major could work, but there's more emphasis on C#m chord

/ = one bar. The song is in 4/4. 

All chords are bar chords

 /        /       /         /      //      //
C#m     - E -     A   -     G#  -  F#m  - C#m    Repeat
i      - iii  -   VI   -    bVI -  iv  -   i

Intro opens, play chords without singing. Lyrics come in on first repeat.

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C#m                        E                               A
I'm     picking      up    really      sketch      vibes
                G#                  F#m
My woman's been telling me lies
About other men, about where she's been hanging

C#m                    E            A
Suspicious thoughts    in my mind
                G#          F#m
Been brewing up over time
"He's just a friend," When to me he's a stranger

C#m           E
I can hold no evidence

    A             G#
But I can't think emotionless

And something in your choice of dress

To-night can lead to just one guess

[Chorus] x2

C#m        E
White Lies You try

      A              G#
Can't blind my eyes

You got your red dress on And you want to play

Like I can't know things that I've never seen

The whole song just repeats like that. It's pretty fun, listen to it to get the 
strumming pattern, 
I think that's the best way to do it