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Sof Hayom Chords

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Sof Hayom -  Matti Caspi \ Ehud Manor

The maTTi CaSpi


Dm  Dm/C Bb7+ 
Sof Ha   yom

Am Am/G F7+
Re va   le...

Gm  Gm/F E0
Yom a    rokh

    Dm/A A7 Dm
Vehalev  ma le

Dm Dm/C Bb7+
Ba li   shon
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Am  Am/G F7+
Akh od   er

Gm  Gm/F E0
Lo  nir  dam

   Dm/A  A7 Dm
Mashehoo ha ser

Gm7 C7 F           Bb7+ Cm Adim - Cdim
Hi  I  ti   ,  Kan ba   mi ta

G   F#0          F79   Eb69 D69
Va'ani   ,   Kmo tamid I    ta

Db79 C79 F      B0 E7 A7
Mis  tak lim, Lelo mi lim

Bb7 A7 Gm                Bb7-5    A7 Dm
Ve- Yodeem shehaser lanu mashehoo ka rov

                                   From The Schib 3-o