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From: (by way of cal woods)
Subject: CRD: r/ryan_matthew/chrome.crd (fwd)
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 21:57:11 -0500 (EST)

words and music by Matthew Ryan
from the album MAYDAY (A&M records)
(transcribed by Harris Finkelstein)


(capo on 3rd fret)

intro:  G C     G G  (2x)

                G                       C             G
It's not the things that I can't change, that bother me

                                      C                G
It's not the things that I don't know, that undermine me

It's not the thing that I can't hold

G/F#    Em                               D
or the balancing wire that broke, that throws me

               G                      C          G
It's not the fact that you walked out, that bewilders me
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                                      C            G
It's not the sleep that I can't steal, that wires me

It's not the coffee or the pills

     G/F#      Em                            D
it's not this space that I can't fill that kills me


          C                               G
We'll in case you didn't know I've got a heart made of chrome

           Em                D
It's been bent 'til it was twisted

        C                               G
And in case you didn't know I've got a heart made of chrome

            Em                    D
It's been burned, but it's still willing to try

And shine  (and shine[second chorus])

G C G G (2x)

It's not the drunks and their devices, that provoke me
It's not the politics of love and distance,
and all that that shit evokes in me
It's not the Sunday morning fights
or this soul on ice, that numbs me
It's not the passing of another Indian summer, that saddens me
It's not the shutter in the undertow, that bears down on me
It's not everything ending as it began
or the loneliness that grins that destroys me


G G C C (2x) G