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Song: Rico
Band: The Matthew Good Band
Album: Raygun

Music and Lyrics by Matthew Good  1996 dunharrow music / gennsongs /
emi april music (Canada) ltd. (SOCAN)  Matthew Good


There's a bit of a drum intro at the start with the guitar doing an E
power chord which fades in and after 16 bars (I think) it starts up.


Repeat this chord for sixteen bars (palm muted) after 8 bars, guitar 2
comes in with the same thing.

Then it goes:
(Slashes represent strumming pattern)

////|////|////|//// >x2
..Em ...C .....G ....D


The first half of the verse is just the bass playing
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After 6 repeats of that, the guitar comes in the same as before:

..Em ...C .....G ....D
Except it's palm muted.

It repeats 4 times


.......D ............C .............Em ...........D

This repeats 4 times

then he plays a C chord for 4 bars




Same as Bridge.

Guitar 2


Comes in after 8 bars with same chord as guitar 1
Same as guitar one throughout


Just before the singing starts, the low e string is plucked once,

then, before guitar 1 comes in halfway through the verse, guitar two
plays quarter notes on an open b string about 6 times (it fades in and
out, so I'm unsure of how many repeats it does.

Through the chorus, guitar 2 basically plays the same thing: