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Fearless Chords


B - 799800
A - 577600
F#m - 244200
E - 022100
D5 - XX0230 or 10 12 12 11 0 0

B			  A
	Is there anything that I need to say 
F#m			E
	that hasn't been said before 

	I have been polite for too long 
	why should I be anymore 
	better now than never, better loud than clever 
	better just to play the fool 
	it's times like this 
	when you just close your eyes and kiss 
	cause everything after this 
	is just bullshit and being cruel 
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F#m		      A	       E
	so hold me up, I'm going out
F#m		         A           	      E 
	and don't wait up, I won't be coming home 
D5			E	          F#m
	if you lay me down in concrete fields 
F#m		   	E
	will I dream of grass and opera 
D5		      E		    F#m
	this is the sound and how it feels 
F#m		E
	to be dead

D5  -  A  -  B  (X2)

	In the end there will be fire and brimstone 
	and no one will be there to answer the telephone 
	you are the only one I'll miss 
	you are the only answer at a time like this 
	she is he trick of my trade 
	she is the thing that can't be made 
	she is gold and nothing less 
	and she is fearless 
	so hold me up, we're going out 
	and don't wait up, we won't be coming home 
	You hold it in your hand 
	you keep it in your heart 
	you hide it in your head 
	and you use it when you have to 
	she is the trick of my trade 
	these are the things that can't be made 
	stay yourself and nothing less 
	stay fearless