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From Myself Baby Chords

I noticed that someone else tabbed this song, but I had to make some adjustments because 
Cm chord didn't sound right. I actually believe that the real chord is a Bm chord.

Update: Worked out what I think is the chorus now. Yay!


Capo 1st fret

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Intro : D Bm , D Bm
D                             Bm                          D
I had a little trouble trying to be myself
             Bm                                         D
I feel inadequate next to everybody else
Bm                                           A       G
I didn't figure out I was in bad health without you
D	                     Bm                            D
As time goes by I'm still a mess
                         Bm                                    D
My clothes don't fit, I don't wanna undress
                        Bm                     G                    A
The melody beats into my chest, but I can't sing
G               A
Oh baby, I'm going crazy
G               A              G
Do you think you can save me
A                     D   Bm (go back into main theme)
From myself baby

( the whole way through like this )