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Dont Let It Go To Waste Chords

This is my first tab. I have listened to the song loads of times and i'm sure this is 
it sounds on the recording.

Intro (capo 1st)

D5  A5  E5
Aaaaaahhhhhh    Play 4 Times

Verse 1

D               A      E
Drawing circles on the window,

D                A      E
Then i'm staring at the floor,

D                A      E
There are places that we could go

D   A              E
Coz we been here before

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D          A      G           E
And i'm losing myself and i'm feeling a little

Confused i need help i need help

I'm outta here so...


I get out the car honey, coz what you said was out of place

Well i guess i'm walking home with that sad look upon my face

Sraight from the heart no worries, i got a lot of love to make

Can you feel it a little,

Don't let it go to waste

Then you back to the "aaahhhs". For the next verse, bridge and chorus the chords are the 
as the first. After the second verse there is like a little 'link' bride which changes 
key. Please correct if i'm wrong!!Bye