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Demons Away Chords

Ey this is my first tab so sorry if it is not too good. Any corrections, suggestions or
opinions please email me to

Standard tuning.
Find out the strumming yourself but is really easy.

Chords used.

 E5    E/D#  C#5   A5    B5    G#5    E    A/G#   ¿?
E---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
B---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
G-9-   -9-   -6-   ---   ---   ---   -1-   ---   ---                        
D-9-   -9-   -6-   -7-   -9-   -6-   -2-   -7-   -4-
A-7-   -6-   -4-   -7-   -9-   -6-   -2-   -7-   -2-
E---   ---   ---   -5-   -7-   -4-   -0-   -4-   -2-

E5  E/D#  C#5  A5  B5.
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                 E5         E/D#      C#5
I know you are alone in the dark all alone 
Underneath the covers hiding from the demons
that came for your soul.
                         E5                  E/D#           C#5
They might over in the closet, the might be underneath your bed.
They might be just outside your window baby
or maybe just inside your head.
                        G#5   A5                        E    B5
But if you let me stay over,      i´ll try to keep you safe
                      A5       B5                  A5        E5 D#5 B5 A5
I´ve got an army of skeletons      to chase your demons away.
                     E5                    E/D#       C#5
I know that you´re scared , you´re in the dark, so scared
Simply terrified, none will hear you screaming
and if they could would they care?
                         E5                    E/D#       C#5
There´s only one way to find out, i pray that day never  comes
For that would mean the ending of you baby
the end of you my love.
     A5    A/G#         ¿?                E
And baby         i can tell you´ve been crying
    A5     A/G#              ¿?      E          ¿?
Oh baby i know you´ve been lying to me, yes indeed
    A5   A/G#        ¿?              E  
Oh baby,      i can tell you don´t sleep no more
   A5       A/G#           ¿?         E      ¿?
Oh baby, believe me i´ve been there before.