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Undignfied Chords

Hey guys!
I thought I'd share the chords for this awesome worship with you! I believe it's 
from Matt Redman's amazing album 'Blessed Be Your Name', part 1? The song is based 
upon Samuel 6  where King David is mocked and despised for dancing and leaping 
before the Lord. He says in verse 22 'I'll become even more undignified than this, 
and I will be humiliated in my own eyes'.

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D                     G                D                 A
 I will dance, I will sing, to be mad for my King
D                        G                       D                     A
Nothing lord is hindering the passion in my soul (x2) 
D        G       D                 A                             D      G
I'll become, even more undignified than this
D                                 A
Some would say it's foolishness (x2)       

D                         G
Na na na na na na           Hey!
D                         A
Na na na na na na           Hey!       (repeat as many times as you wish! :D) 

I hope you found this helpful!

God bless :) - John