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Fathers Song Chords


C                            G               C                      F
     I have heard so many songs.     Listened to a thousand tongues
      Dm                       G                          Am         G    
But there is one, that  sounds above them allÖ.
C                                   G                  C                       F
    The Fatherís song, The Fatherís love, you sung it over me
             Dm           G                   C          C
and for eternity, Its written on my heart 
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                        F           G                      C                F
Heavens perfect melody.      The Creators symphony.
                       Dm         G                     Am              G     
You are singing over me.      The Fathers songÖ
C                      F           G     C
Heavens perfect mystery.     The king of love has sent for me
G                                    Dm         G                    C
    And now you're singing over me,      the Fathers songÖ

C                                     G                              C                     F
The fatherís song, the fatherís love, you sung it over me and for 
Dm                 G                       C
eternity, itís written on my heartÖ

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