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New Kehoe Nj Chords

Title:  'New Kehoe NJ'
Artist: matt pond PA (
Album:  The Nature Of Maps
Tabbed by Jorge Díaz (

       E A D G B E

E    --X-7-9-9-X-X--|
E/D# --x-6-9-9-X-X--|
B5   --X-2-4-4-X-X--|
A5   --X-0-2-2-X-X--|
A    --5-7-7-6-5-5--|
B    --7-9-9-8-7-7--|


E -------------------4-2-0-------------2/4-2-0-2-0---0-|
B -4-2-0-4-2-0-4-2-0-------4-2-0-4-2-0-------------4---|
G -----------------------------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------|

E -----2-0---5-4-2-7b--11-9-7-9-7-9-11-9-7-5-4-2-0-|
B -4-2-----4---------------------------------------|
G -------------------------------------------------|
D -------------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------|

[ Tab from: ]
E       E/D#                B5
  (the words are made with magnets)
     A5                  B5
the words are made with magnets 
E            E/D#        B5  
  (speaking simple information) 
          A5          B5
speaking simple information 
E            E/D#        B5
  (with the consequences open)
          A5          B5
with the consequences open 
E            E/D#            B5
  (there is nothing more to hear )
          A5              B5
there is nothing more to hear 


 [ A   A A    B   B B ] x4

 (1:02)  [ Palm muted ]

 A5             B5
by the end the car was making 
  A5              B5
noises that made more sense than
   A5              B5              
a signal in plain view 
  A5         B5
exaggerated lines for eyes 
A5               B5
in between the shakes and clicks 
    A                 B5
is less than half a second which 
    A5               B5
is more time than is used 
    A5            B5
to build upon the engines effort

 [ Ends with A5 ]