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Lost Souls Chords


two different ways to play this song.  matt mays played an awesome version on the east 
song writers circle, that is riff one, enjoy, this is my first tab.
   G    Bm   C     G    On the E A, 5th and 6th strings  =(Riff one)
--can be palm muted or played open
you can also play the regular chords, I belive it's more that way on the albumb. But 
he played it solo, it's riff one, and the chours is the same.
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  G    Bm      C     G
Saw it commin from far away
Bm C G
Riding along plains,
Bm C G
Down through the rivers and streams
Bm C G
To visit me in a dream

Bm C G
I left my life behind
Bm C G
Buried it in the sand
Bm C G Bm C D
Maybe Iíll get back someday and dig it up again

Em D C G Em
Lost souls stay gone for good
Em D C
To keep a satisfied mind