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You Are The Lord Chords

Hokay so I believe its about time that someone somewhere posted some 
Matt Maher tabs.  Matt Maher is pretty much amazing and rocks at what he does. He wrote
the song Your Grace is Enough on Chris Tomlin's new album Arriving and has many more
great songs like it one his own CDs.  This one is off his first CD The End and the Beginning. 

Song: You Are the Lord
Artist: Matt Maher
Album: The End and the Begining
CAPO : 2

 Em          C           G        B
You gave me a title although I didnt know you 
   Em          C                       D
You called my name and blessed me with life
 Em             C             G             B
Now I've squandered the fortunes of my childhood
 Em       C           Am        A
Given into a world of lies
  Am7                        Bm7
But I can't hide forever from what I know is true
  C                  D      B
Jesus I surrend my life to you
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      Em          C              G        A
Cause you are the Lord and there is no other
  Em       C          G  
You're my God and I'm not ashamed
 Em             C            G           A
I'll stand for you when the whole world falters
   Am7          Bm7       C              B      (2 measure silence)
I will bear your name and I won't be the same 

Verse 2:
The mountains they move at the sound of your holy name
The lame will walk and the blind will see
I know you've won my heart,  I know that I am nothing
You are the source of everything
And I can't live forever unless I live in you
Jesus I surrender my life to you

Bridge Jam section:
(Relative to capo)

g |-----------------------------|
d |-----------------------------|
a |-----------------------------|
e |--0--0--0--3--5--0--7--6--5--|   9 or so Times

g |---11---|
d |---X----|
a |---9----|
e |---0----| repeatedly stum this octave and back to the chorus

Alright enjoy...
TAB By jesusplaysastrat