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Just Like You Chords

this is the song just like you by matt maher. it is completely correct

intro: G     Am7    D    C    G     
   D     C

        G            Am7         D        C    
verse 1:Re-vive my heart, re  -  new my soul.   In you,   O lord    I

verse 2:Oh lift   me up          God my  Father In all this world  there

D         C     G                 Am7        
am made whole.      No more   in fear       will I wander,      'cause

is    no other      Im   dancing in    your holy presence     and your

         Am7         D       C
your my God      my lord and lover     Em                           C
                                           Like a burning fire
 glory  fills       all   my scences

D      Em                         A7
               be my one desire

        A7        G      D         C                 
ChorusI want be holy just like you     I want to go where you lead me

D                      Em              A                      
to      with reckless abandon to your truth        I want to fall deeper in

love with you
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        Em     B/D#            G/D             A/C#  
    Cm          Co
Bridge:   And deeper     and deeper      and deeper and deeper in love with

    Em         B/D#           G/D             A/C#   
you      and deeper     and deeper      and deeper      and deeper in

   C0     (let it ring)
love with                                 you

          C          / G    Am7    D       
Ending: I want to be/: Ho    o    ly     I want to be :/
                   /                                  /

(once you've played the first " I want to be"   on the ending, fade out with the the 
and chords inside the to divides. DO NOT PLAY THE FIRST "I want to be" WHEN YOU FADE OUT)

Order of song:

              Verse 1
              Verse 2

              Chords of chorus 2x  ( but starting with a Dsus4 and a D )
                                   ( before the G and with a Dm, an Eb,)
                                   ( an F, and a G in the ending but   )
                                   (no D before the Dm I added         )

              Chorus               (but a Dsus4 in the begining)
                                   (instead of a A7 and a      )
                                   (Dsus4 in the ending instead)
                                   (of A D                     )

              Chorus               (same begining as the previous chorus)
                                   (but ending with a B instead of a D  )

              Ending  (continuous untill fade)