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Adoration Tantum Ergo Chords

Capo 1

Verse 1:
C           dm    am
Down in adoration falling 

F          am   dm      C
This great Sacrament we hail 

C            F
Over ancient forms of worship 

am    C        D     G
Newer rites of grace prevail 

C                  dm        am
Faith will tell us Christ is present 

F        am    dm     C
When our human senses fail 

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Verse 2:

C          dm      am
To the everlasting Father 

F       am      dm      C
And the Son who made us free

C              F
And the Spirit God proceeding 

am        C      D     G
From them each eternally

C            dm    am 
Be salvation honor blessing 

F         am      dm     C
Might and endless majesty 

dm C