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40 Days Chords

No Capo


C     D      Bm     C

Verse  1
C               D         Bm           C
Forty days to wander,        forty days to die to self.     
C                D                    Em                       G
Forty days to grow stronger,  as faith breaks open the gates of hell!
C                D      Bm                   C
The jubilee is over,           but grace is far from gone!
C                 D                     Em      D       G
In the hearts of the faithful, broken on the wheels of love!
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         C         D                   G      D     Em
In the desert of temptation, lies the storm of true conversion
           C          D                          Em         G
Where the springs of living water drown and refresh you, 
         C                  D                G              Em
as the Jordan pours out change, your true self is all that remains,
          C                  D              Am
where springs of living water bind and break you!

Verse 2
Same progression as the first verse.

(Verse 2 continued)
Em           C      D
...bind and break you  X3

Em                C         D
Solo here.