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Mr Pitiful Chords

This is a cool piano song from Costa's new "Unfamiliar Faces." If you are playing this
on piano it is best to play the bass note with the right hand and the full chord with the
hand in a syncopated rhythm.

(Notes: The little run he does at the end of the G chord is pretty simple. When playing
G chord with your right hand, instead of playing G/B/D you extend your pinky out to play
Then, quickly run your fingers from E to D to C to B and then land on the C chord again. 
a little practice this should be no trouble.)

C	G   G/E

O Mr. Pit Mr. Pit Mr. Pitiful
G           Am
Who let you down
Who let you down Who let you down
You still donít believe You donít believe You donít believe
	     G        Am
And your grievances show
When your soapbox unfolds

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        C       Dm    F	       G
But please come down from that cloud youíre sitting
C    Dm	   F	          G			G/E	G      G/E     G
On I donít expect you to admit that you were wrong
 C	    Dm
I just want to know how youíve been
	   F		G           C
It donít make me feel bad that were still friends
Dm	   F       G
Mulling it over in my bed
C	    Dm      F		 G
I hope that you see through your picket
C	        Dm		 F	      G		   Am
I hope that you see through your big yard and white picket fence
	    Am      G      D/F#    F
To make amends
Am     G     D/F#     F
And still be friends

            Am      G      D/F#      F
Still be my friend

G    G/E     G     G/E

...and so on...

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