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Youth Tab

Intro with wah
      --5--5-5--3-------3-5--| listen for the feel of the rhythm and repeat.

 Verse: AM (barred)two strokes
        G  (barred) two strokes

Chorus lick: I reccomend you keep this shape by barring the 5th with your index and your 
finger on the 7th:
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when you get the shape play something like this:

"You Gotta Make the right Move" end with an open E major.

it is all really centered around that shape. You can add hammerons on the 7th fret and 
8th on the top E string.

"Youth is the engine of the world" lick:
-----------------10-10-8------------| reapeat one more time

Verse AM and Gmajor

Solo is an a AM penatonic

repeat chorus licks

This should be near 100% correct.