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Belleville Rendezvous Chords

This works for this great song, but the bass is what makes it swing.
e ------------------------------|
B ------------------------------|
G ------------------------------|
D ------------------------------|
A ------------------------------|
E 3--5--6--5-0-2-3--5--6--5-0-2-|
Belleville rendezvous
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  Gm               C#7    C7    Gm
I won't finish my life in Timbuktu
   Gm               C#7     C7  C#7  A7
Cheeks so tight my lips are turning blue
     Gm            C7  Gm          C7
I'd like to be wrinkly Utterly wrinkly
 Gm              C#7    C7          Gm
Wrinkled like a Triplet from Belleville
Don't want to wind my days in Acapulco
Stiff as a board dancing tango-tango
I'd love to be twisted  Utterly twisted
Twisted like a Triplet from Belleville
(Come on Girls!)
Swinging Belleville rendez-vous
Marathon dancing doop dee doop
Voodoo Cancan balais taboo
Au Belleville swinging rendez-vous
I won't be an old man in Singapore
Playing scrabble and eating petits-fours
I want to be wicked,  Utterly wicked,
Wicked like the Triplets from Belleville
I don't want to end my life in Honolulu
Singing like a bird in an ormolu
I want to be as rough  Every bit as rough
Rough, rough as a Triplet from Belleville
I won't finish my days in Miami Beach
Sweating my heart stalking like an old bitch
I'd like to be flying (Hop!)  Utterly flying (Hop! Hop!)
Flying like a Triplet from Belleville
Don't mind ending my life in Katmandu
Signing with a sitar and a guru
But I'd prefer to be  Much prefer to be
Swinging with the Triplets from Belleville
(Come on Girls!)
Refrain + Solo + Refrain