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Day You Went Away Chords

This song is fairly straight foward. I tabbed it coz my band do a heavey metal version of it and i couldn't find a tab of it, so for anyone that wants it, here it is.

Intro (piano)		(not sure about the Bmaj add9)

Emaj / Bmaj / C#min / Bmaj / Bmaj add9 / C#min / Bmaj / Amaj

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Emaj / C#min :||  (there's a little syncopated thing after the C#min, it revolves around C# and B)


Amaj / Bmaj / G#maj / Amaj


Emaj / Bmaj / C#min / Emaj / Bmaj / C#min / Bmaj / Amaj

She repeates the chorus trowards the end, singin' "he's on the bus's..."

Tabbed By steve: if u want me to tab sum shit for ya feel free to send me a line