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Darling Please Come Home Chords

Math & Physics Club ~ Darling, Please Come Home


C       [x32010]
Fmaj7   [xx3210]
Dm      [xx0231]
G       [320003]
Am      [x02210]

Capo 1

Intro: C Fmaj7 Dm G x2

C                Fmaj7
I'm still waiting for your answer
Dm                   G
These four walls keep closing in on me
You say I seem like a stranger
Well I guess that makes two
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The sun setting down
The fireflies around
But don't make a sound
With no one else around
Just you and me now
And I have no doubt
If you're still angry baby
We can work this all out


Fmaj7             Am          G       Fmaj7
I love it when the coals burn way down low
You slide up next to me so sweet so slow
I wonder just how far tonight we'll go
Am                 G                C
Darling, won't you please come home?




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