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City Of Black And White Chords

The other tab had it close, but this version is more accurate. The rhythms aren't
difficult, but if you have trouble, either check the other tab (which had the chord changes
accurate) or email me.

(chords from high E string to low E string)
D* = 032002
CaddG = 010233
D** = 002002

NOTE: The spacing for the chords below is intentional. The CaddG->G->D* are quicker
say, the C-> Em, in half-time. But again, you should be able to figure that out by listening.
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ALSO NOTE: In the chorus and in the post-chorus, I like to hammer/pull my first finger
the first fret of the B string (hitting the note "C") while I'm playing the G chord
before playing the D* or D** chords. It sounds good, and Mat may or may not do that with 
guitar, but it's a matter of personal preference, so try it out.

Bm   C   Am   D*

Bm   C   G   CaddG G D*

C   Em   C   G D*
C   Em   C   CaddG G D*

Post-Chorus ("Won't you just stay" x2)
C   G D**

Breakdown ("Won't you just stay now..")
C   Em   C G D*