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All I Have Tab

this is the exact way they play it this for the electric guitar for his guitarist
the lead guitar use power chords for this song! ill be puttin up what mat kearney
himself plays but this is for the electric

Intro -
C#m  A  E  B

Guitar lead: play this throughout both verses


Verse 1 -
C#m            A                  E      B
Well here we go at it three years later
C#m                  A             E     B
Will you tell me to dream it all up again  yeahhh
C#m          A                  E       B
Tired of the same song everyone's singing
C#m          A                E     B
I'd rather be lost with you instead yeahhh

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Pre-chorus -
           A          C#m
Don't you come around here
A          C#m   B
Come around here anymore
A          C#m
Dragging my fears
A           C#m          B
Dragging my fears out the door

Chorus -
       E         B       C#m
All I have all I have all I have
Well you know it's yours
        E          B        C#m                   B
Every breath every step every moment I'm looking for
       E         B       C#m                B
All I have All I have All I have      is yours

Tag -
              E                       B
You watch my heart break a little bit more
   C#m                     B
My heart break a little bit more
    E                       B     C#m   B
My heart break a little bit more

Verse 2 (Same chords as verse 1) -
Is it cold yet in New York City
Round here the trees been blowin' off bare yeahh
Everyone's talking about change on the airwaves
I still got you on my prayer

Bridge -
A                                E
Lord I'm still trying at this my hardest
A                                E   B4
Would you pick us all up from a fall ohhh
A                            E
Rip a little corner off the darkness
C#m             A                       B
Just a crack of light in the middle of it all

Interlude -
A   C#m   B   A
A   C#m   Bsus4