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All I Have Tab

"All I Have" - Mat Kearney
Key of E

Intro -
C#m7  A2  E  Bsus4

Guitar lead:

Verse 1 -
C#m7            A2                  E      Bsus4
Well here we go at it three years later
C#m7                  A2              E     Bsus4
Will you tell me to dream it all up again  yeahhh
C#m7          A2                   E       Bsus4
Tired of the same song everyone's singing
C#m7          A2                E     Bsus4
I'd rather be lost with you instead yeahhh

Pre-chorus -
           A2          C#m7
Don't you come around here
A2          C#m7   Bsus4
Come around here anymore
A2           C#m7
Dragging my fears
A2           C#m7          Bsus4
Dragging my fears out the door

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Chorus -
       E         B/D#       C#m7 
All I have all I have all I have
     E/G#          Bsus4
Well you know it's yours
        E          B/D#        C#m7       E/G#   Bsus4
Every breath every step every moment I'm looking for
       E         B/D#       C#m7  E/G#   Bsus4
All I have All I have All I have      is yours

Tag -
              E                       B/D#
You watch my heart break a little bit more
   C#m7                     Bsus4
My heart break a little bit more
    E                       B/D#     C#m7   Bsus4
My heart break a little bit more

Verse 2 (Same chords as verse 1) -
Is it cold yet in New York City
Round here the trees been blowin' off bare yeahh
Everyone's talking about change on the airwaves
I still got you on my prayer

Bridge -
A2                                E
Lord I'm still trying at this my hardest
A2                                E   Bsus4
Would you pick us all up from a fall ohhh
A2                            E
Rip a little corner off the darkness
C#m7             A2                       Bsus4
Just a crack of light in the middle of it all

Interlude -
A   C#m   B   A
A   C#m   Bsus4