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El Shaddai Chords

El Shaddai by Mason Clover feat. Erica Lauren
Tabbed by GraceGirl

Capo 2

C* x32013 (added G note on C chord) - this is quickly played after some of the C chords

Am (1 bar), Am7 (4 bars)
Am7, F, C, G
Am7, F, C C*, G
Am7, F, C C*, G
Dm, G, Am

       Am      F
Let us go up into
    C       G
The enemies camp
       Am              F
Let us see if Yah will move
         C   C*  G
On our behalf
       Am          F
Let us choose to rely
        C              G
On the strength of our God
        Dm         G   Am
On the strength of El Shaddai

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    Am          F
El Shaddai, El Shaddai
C          G
God is our strength
       Am      F          C         G
And in Him the victory is won, Hallelujah
      Am             F
It is finished it is done
C             G
Yeshua is the Lord
       Dm        G  Am
And in Him we've overcome

          Am                F
There's a trembling in the camp
  C                    G
A fear in the enemies heart
       Am          F
As the army of our Lord raises
     C   C*  G
It's sword
        Am      F
And the host of hell
     C        G
Will turn and flee before
    Dm        G      Am
The name of Yeshua our Lord


           Am         F
Whether by many or by few
    C           G
The Lord shall rise
       Am            F              C   C*  G
Within those who are yielded to His call
          Am           F
They will multiply in strength
          C         G
As they magnify His name
        Dm     G      Am
That He may be all in all



Am, F, C, G  x3
Dm, G, Am    x1