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Ode To A Life
Mary's Danish

From the album "American Standard"

  Em				 G
|------------------0---0-0-----|------------------0---0-0-----| play 2x

              Am       Am/G    Am/F# 
|------------------2-------2-------2---| play 2x

Follow picking pattern of first two bars of intro for the lines of the 
verse   with the Em and G progression. Then onthe Am and G lines, use the 
intro kick with the Am only.  You'll see what I mean when you listen to 
the song. I tried to represent the rhythm with spacing, but  listen to 
the song for exactitude.  Same applies for the placement of the intro 
licks in the verse.

(Verse 1)

Em                   G
Oooh, well I've been thinkin'

Em 				         G
there are some things that are troublin' me
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Am	   F              G
and I just can't keep it in

Em         G
Across the ocean

Em                         G
A life is spiraling to the ground

Am                         Bm
with miles still to fall a voice is screaming out:


G            F
Please don't leave me 'cause I

C                  G
just couldn't take it
G         F
I'm so afraid and I 
C          G
just can't fake it

G       F                C        G
Fear inside me won't you just let go

G                      F
'Cause there's nothing worse 

              C  G
than a broken heart

(Verse 2)

Em               G
Oooh, so here I stand

Em                       G
On the edge of something new

Am            F              G
that you will always give to me

Em             G
With tears of sorrow
Em                          G
My life is spiraling to the ground

Am                          Bm
with miles still to fall my voice is screaming out:


(Accordion solo)

(Chorus 2x)

There it is.  I think I've got the order right, but I may be wrong.  I 
took the lyrics straight from the CD booklet (though I took the liberty 
of adding in the "Oooh"'s for extra effect).  Questions, comments and praise 
can be sent to Oster-toaster (  If you would like 
to c hat about Mary's Danish, feel free to write as well.  I'm no expert 
or historian, but I sure love their stuff!

Thank you,

He Who Toasts