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Every Monday Chords

Marvelous 3 - Every Monday
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[intro] A Adim A7 D

A                              Adim                  
I was checked in by 4, put the sign on the door
A7                                D                               
looked  out  the window  of  the  17th  floor
Dm                      A
Yelled to the city that knows me by name, and
 Bm                        E Esus E
all of the things that I dooooooo 
I shed 5 bitter tears, into 5 bitter beers, 
Looked at my watch and said where have the years gone? 
I'm wasting away like a castle of clay 
slowly crumbling intoooooo
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D       A         [A: 0-2-4]
Every Monday      I  get this pain
Every Wednesday    it hits my brain
D     A                Bm       D           E E E
Every Friday I die   cuz every day          I still think of you!


I was F*%#ed up by 5, talking nothing but jive, 
told the bartender he'd never take me alive
All of this because my favorite show 
Was cancelled last night on t.v.

So i called up Marie, she'd have sex for free, 
But for ten bucks an hour she'd listen to me
Talk about rockstars and models on dope
And how I can't cope with this scene

      F#            F              E                Eb         Bm     
Talk like you  Eat like you  Breathe like you  sleep like you, Everrrrry Dayyyy
D                   E E E
     I still               Want    you
e -----------5--------------5---------------5----------------
B --------5--------------5---------------5----5--------------
G -----6--------------6---------------5---------5------------
D --7--------------6---------------5------------------------- A[barred]

Adim - x02120
Esus - 022200