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Gods Will Chords

Martina Mcbride  -  God's Will

key of A# minor, capo 1st fret
chord listed in 1st position

C(add 9)  =  x32033		G/B      =  x20030
Fmaj7     =  xx3210		C/G      =  3x2010

Am        =  x02210		Dm       =  xx0231

F         =  133211 -or-	Dm7      =  xx0211

C         =  x32010		B flat   =  x1333x -or-
G         =  320003			           


INTRO:  C(add 9)     C(add9)  Fmaj7  C(add 9)  Fmaj7   G

  Am                  F
I met God's Will on a Halloween night
       C                   G
He was dressed as a bag of leaves
Am                F              G
It hid the braces on his legs at first
Am                             F
His smile was as bright as the August sun
C       G/B       Am   C/G
When he looked at me
        F                             C
As he struggled down the driveway, it almost
Made me hurt

           Fmaj7         C
Will don't walk too good
           Fmaj7         C
Will don't talk too good
         Fmaj7                  C
He won't do the things that the other kids do,
In our neighborhood
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               C                Fmaj7
I've been searchin', wonderin', thinking’
          C              F
Lost and lookin' all my life
           C/G             Am
I've been wounded, jaded, loved and hated
      F                  G
I've wrestled wrong and right
         F             C
He was a boy without a father
        Am           F
And his mother's miracle
          Am                G/B
I've been readin', writin', prayin', fightin'
C                   F
I guess I would be still
Dm               G
Yeah, that was until
       Fmaj7  C    Fmaj7  G
I knew God's Will

Am                 F
Will's mom had to work two jobs
     C                              G
We'd watch him when she had to work late
Am                               F
And we'd all laugh like I hadn't laughed
Since I don't know when
Am                       F
Hey Jude was his favorite song
C             G/B     Am    C/G
At dinner he'd ask to pray
              F                         C          G
And then he'd pray for everybody in the world but him


Before they moved to California
His mother said, they didn't think he'd live
        Am                   C/G
And she said each day that I have him,
well it's just another gift
      F                               Am
And I never got to tell her, that the boy
       G/B     F
Showed me the truth
In crayon red, on notebook paper, he'd written
B flat           G
Me and God love you
          C                   Fmaj7 
I've been searchin', prayin', wounded, jaded
C                  F
I guess I would be still
Dm               G
Yeah that was until...
  Am                   F
I met God's Will on a Halloween night
        C                   G      C(add9)
He was dressed as a bag of leaves

CODA and SOLO:  Am    Fmaj7