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Las Vegas Chords

Brought to you by daZork :)
It's very difficult to sing and play the intro at the same time. But that's probably
because I'm not used to play bass.

Martin Stenmarck
Las Vegas

Bass intro:
D#m	C#	B	Bb	x3

B	Bb	D#m

Verse 1 & 2:
I've got a room here at the Mandalay Bay 
I take a shower then I'm on my way 
I bring a friend if someone picks a fight 
Here in Las Vegas tonight 

It's close to midnight when I hit the strip 
The maiden voyage on my Vegas trip 
The night is young, and everything's alright 
Here in Las Vegas tonight 
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B	                C#
Dancing girls, and cabarets 
F#                                    B
You can spend your money in a million ways 
Let's have a ball, 
The winner takes it all 

In Las Vegas 
In the neon lights 
C#	                 A#
You'll be a star, if you do it right 
D#m	      G#m	   B7	          Bb
In Las Vegas, wooo~~ you'd better hold on tight 

In Las Vegas 
Can't believe your eyes 
Your luck can turn in a throw of a dice 
In Las Vegas, you'd better hold on tight 
Here in Las Vegas tonight 

Verse 3:
I'm leaving with a million-dollar-smile 
The hotel manager can check my file 
And Fred, the limo driver is asking polite 
Leaving in Las Vegas tonight 

Play the refrain many times...