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The Promise Chords

This Song is dedicated to my beloved wife.. JESSICA

Sung: Martin Nievera
Chords Arranged by: Carlo I. Pahati

Intro: F-Am--F-Am--Bb--Bbm--C7--
Say goodbye
When I can barely say goodnight
   F/C                  Am         Dm7
If I can hardly take my eyes from yours
How far can I go?
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Walk away
The thought would never cross my mind
   Eb               F7       Bb       C
I couldn't turn my back on Spring or Fall
      C7            D
Your smile least of all
    Dm     Am     Dm
When I say always
          Am    Bb
I mean forever
           Am                  Gm-C7
I trust tomorrow as much as today
C#dim,Dm    Dm7           Bb   Bbm
I am not afraid to say I love you 
       Dm      Dm7
and I promise you
      Gm7   C7     F#
I'll never say goodbye

We're dancers
On a crowded floor
                               Bbm     Ebm
while other dancers leave from song to song
     Abm       F#
Our music goes on
D      G
On and on
                D     D/C Bm
And if I never leave your arms
    Am                D7     C      F#m
I really would have traveled everywhere
    D             Em
For my world is there
     C     Bm     C
When I say always
        G/B    C
I mean forever
        Bm          Am      D
I trust tomorrow as much today
      Em    C                  Cm
I am not afraid to say I love you
        G     Em
And I promise you
      C             G  - Cm
I'll never say goodbye 
     Cm                   G
How could I ever say goodbye