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Echo Beach Tab

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From: Gary Chapman 

Echo Beach - Marth and the Muffins - transcribed by Gary Chapman

^ = hammer/pull
/ = slide


E --- -----------------------------------------------------------
B --- -----------------------0----------------------------------- Repeat
G --- -5--4-----7----7-----0--------5--4-----7----7-------0------
D --- ------5----------------------------5--------------5--------
A -0- ----------5--5---5\3-----3^0-----------5--5---5\3-----3^0--
E --- -----------------------------------------------------------

Am  G  Em  F  G      Am  G  Em  F  G

Verse #1:

       Am                   D            C        Am       D  Em
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I know it's out of fashion, and a        trifle uncool
But    I can't help it,     I'm a        romantic fool. 
It's a habit of mine        to watch the sun go  down.
On     Echo Beach,          I watch the  sun go down.


     G                             D

>From 9 to five I have to spend my time at work.
My   job is very boring I'm an    office clerk.

    Am                                Em

The only thing that helps me pass the time away
Is  knowing I'll be back in Echo      Beach some day.

(with saxaphone)
F  G   Am  G  Em  F  G    Am  G  Em  F  G  Am

play intro riff

Verse #2:

On silent summer evenings, the sky's alive with light.
A building in the distance - surrealistic sight.
On Echo Beach, waves make the only sound.
On Echo Beach, there's not a soul around.


(with sax)
F  G  Bb  C    F   G  Bb  C

(sax solo)
Am  G   Em  F  G   (x 2)

Am         G                 Em         F        G
Echo Beach far away in time, Echo Beach far away in time

(repeat lots)


Mr.Scary (Gary Chapman)