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Echo Beach Chords

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From: (Joe Hartley)

{t:Echo Beach}
{st:Martha and the Muffins}

   Am           D       c       Am            D       c
E --- ------------------------------------------------------------|
B --- -1--0-----3----3-------0-------1--0-----3----3-------0------| Repeat
G --- ------0--------------0--------------0--------------0--------|
D --- ----------0--0--------------------------0--0----------------|
A -0- ------------------3------3^0--------------------3------3^0--|
E --- ------------------------------------------------------------|
Am | G | Em | F G | Am | G | Em | F G |

I [Am]know it's out of fashion, [D]and a [C]trifle [Am]uncool,     [D]      [Em]
But [Am]I can't help it, [D]I'm a [C]romantic [Am]fool.      [D]      [Em]
It's a [Am]habit of mine [D]to watch the [C]sun go  [Am]down.     [D]      [Em]
On [Am]Echo Beach, [D]I watch the  [C]sun go [Am]down.     [D]      [Em]
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From [G]9 to five I have to spend my [D]time at work.
My [G]job is very boring I'm an [D]office clerk.
The [Am]only thing that helps me pass the [Em]time away
Is [Am]knowing I'll be back in Echo [Em]Beach some day.
(with saxophone)
F | G | Am | G | Em | F G | Am | G | Em | F G | Am

{c: Play intro riff}

On [Am]silent summer evenings, [D]the sky's [C]alive with [Am]light.     [D]      [Em]
A [Am]building in the distance - [D]surreal[C]istic [Am]sight.     [D]      [Em]
On [Am]Echo Beach, [D]waves make the [C]only [Am]sound.     [D]      [Em]
On [Am]Echo Beach, [D]there's not a [c]soul a[Am]round.     [D]      [Em]

(with sax)
F | G | Bb | c | F | G | Bb | c
Am | G | Em | F G | Am | G | Em | F G |

{c: Repeat this ad nauseum!}
[Am]Echo Beach [G]far away in time, [Em]Echo Beach [F]far away [G]in time

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