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Inertiatic Esp Bass Tab

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|-----------------------------------| x4

Riff 1

Riff 2

Alternate between these two starting on the first riff for a total of 6 riffs, then end 
verse with this, then falling back directly into the revised chorus:
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Here he plays the chorus again for 6 riffs.

Alternate between the two verse riffs here, starting and ending on Riff 1, and playing 
verse for a total of 7 riffs.

Here you play the chorus another 6 times, tying the end of the last chorus into this riff:


First play this 4 times ending on the G#, then play it again 16 times.

After the refrain the guitar does it's 3 chords, and you go back into the chorus for 4 riffs.

He ends the song playing this with the guitar and the snare drum:


The song goes like this:

Chorus x4
Verse x6
Chorus x6
Verse x7
Chorus x6
Refrain x4
Refrain x16
Chorus x4