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Through With You Chords

Maroon 5
"Through with you"
Songs About Jane
Standard Tuning
tabbed by Tommymac

Intro:  The first note (Bb) is done with wah


Verse:  Bb-Bb--Eb-Db-Ab-Bb-Bb-Bb
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        Bb Bb                                  Eb   Db
Can you see me floating above your head as you lay in bed 
          Ab         Bb       Bb      Bb                               Eb
thinking about everything you did not do cause saying I love you has nothing 
  Db        Ab     Bb   (intro)
to do with meaning it whoa-oh-oh oh...

Chorus: Bb-Db-Eb-F

Bb                                Db
You aint never coming back to me, that's not how this was supposed to be
Eb                                     F
You take my hand just to give it back, no other lover has ever done that

Chorus thing after 2nd verse: same as chorus but the chords instead of done in on
beat 4/4 time, they are done like:  Bb-Bb----Db-Db-----Eb-Eb-----F-F

i think its like Eb-C-Db-Bb-C-Ab...something