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Ragdoll Chords

Maroon 5
" Ragdoll "

|Bm7|     |F#7|
How ya feelin'?
|Am7|                               |G|
The day has had its way with both of us
   |Bd|          |A7|
And oh, I've gone out of my way

But I'm not free 
From this pain I'm feeling
I was a fool to think someday 
You would come around
But no, no, no
I'm not thinking that way
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'Cause now i see
      |F#7|            |Bm7|
You are not what you seem 
         |E7|          |Em|
You are a mystery to me
Sometimes I just want to scream

I think you should just go away 'cause
    |Bbm 5+ 5-|
There's no necessity for you to stay and
Next time you come around my way
Forget it baby
You're not comin' in

Pd: Beauty song...

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