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Miss You Love You Chords

Uhm hi, i'm really just a newbie at guitar but i like this song alot (:
Then i got really fustrated over that there were no chords on the internet and tried to 
it (;
In the chorus I'm not really sure if its either A or F#, I think its maybe both (; if 
have any corrections you can send em to
anyways i think this is the chords (:

This has not been easy
this has been hard

I am scarred
         Bm                            F#
and I do not know what to do with you.

Bm                                  F#
go inside, kiss your mouth with my lips
                               Bm                           F#
grab your hips, cant remember why i fell in love with this.
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       D            D
but i miss you, i love you
its a shame you cant stay away from me
this time cause oh no
     F#                   D            D
you beg me you ask me to kiss you and hug you
     F#                           D
you wont be getting my affection again cause oh no
F#           A?
i dont need you

and then the C-peice? Don't what its called in english :P

G                           F#m
it was really nice to know you

but, theres nothing left to show you
G                       F#m
i got bills to pay get out the way its time to move on
G                                     A
   and even with your boyfriend, will never be the same again
  Em            F#
Discuss me over cigarettes and say to him...

Hope you liked it (:
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