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Kiss Bass Tab

   This is off of Maroon 5's most recent album Overexposed. It's a cover of the 
song Kiss by Prince.
The bassline is pretty simple and straightforward. The song goes like this:

Part A 8x
Part B 4x
Part A 4x
Part C 2x
Part B 2x
Part C 2x
Part B 1x

Part A


Part B


Part C
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    This is all there is to the song. The rest of it repeats this or just alternates
 between parts A and B. Once you listen to the song and play through it once you'll
 get the hang of it, it's quite simple. At about 2:20 the song slows down, but follows
 the same order as above. the song is slow for the first 3 parts from above, and then
 speeds up at the 4th till the end. Most of the song after 2:20 is just Part A repeating.
 Hope everything is correct, let me know if anything is out of place, hope you enjoy!