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No Woman No Cry Solo Tab

"No Woman No Cry"
BOB MARLEY from "Legend"
Tablature by: Sam Elderfield

Alright, i couldn't see where the other  peopel were going with their
tabs of the solo from no woman no cry.. i figured one day i'd learn it
since bob is KING and  i always thought the solo was sweet.  

NOTE: This isn't the  exact solo at all.. its missing tons of notes i'm 
sure, but it sounds cool and it can be used as an improvisation of the
I'll try to put some pointers down to help the timing and stuff.. 

e ---------------------------------------------------------------------
b -6-8-6-8-6-8-6-8-----6-8-8b-6-8-13-11-13b-11-13b---------------------
g -----------------9-9-----------------------------14b-14-12-10-12-14--
d ---------------------------------------------------------------------
a ---------------------------------------------------------------------
e ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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                   |*|strong bend note you hear
e ---------------------------------12b-12b-12b-12b-10b-8b-10b-8b---
b ------------------------------13---------------------------------
g -12-12b----------14b---------------------------------------------
d --------14-12-10-----14-12-10------------------------------------
a -----------------------------------------------------------------
e -----------------------------------------------------------------

               |***| done by a second guitar. but i work it in cause its loud and recognisable
e -8-8----8-8-8-----8----8b-8b---------------------------------------
b -----10---------5---10-------10b-10-8-6-8-10-6-8-------10b---------
g --------------0----------------------------------9-7-5-----12------
d --------------------------------------------------------------12---
a ----------------------------------------------------------------10-
e -------------------------------------------------------------------

just play with those notes.. this whole thing came out of my ass i didnt
use the ohter tabs at all.