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Rollin On Chords

Tabbed by: David Blumberg

 Intro: G#m (x12)

Been kickiní sawdust

In these clothes
For a blue moon
And a red nose
G#m		      D#m
The boys will put 'em up
And tear 'em down
Weíll wash away

The dirt
Just a glass a day
Ainít gonna hurt
G#m		    D#m
Pretty soon weíll move on
Out of town

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We pass them by
Across the plains
We donít even try
To catch the names
Itís supper-time and their kids
Are home from school
They draw the shades
On their shops
While we go a'checking
Through the props
And putting on the paint
To play the fool

		   B   E
Then we're rolliní on
	B    B
Rollin' on
E	 B
Feeling, better
Than we did last night
	B    E
Rolliní on 
	B    E
Rolliní on
Itís hard some times
F#		   G#m
Pretty much itís alright

Iíll go soft shoe
When it rains
Iíll go shuffle through
The aches and pains
Mr. young at heart
Thatís what I try to be
They all laugh
And cry
They get to feeling better
And that is why
If it was good for you
Truly it was good for me

Then we're rolliní on
Rolliní on
Feeling better
Than we did last night
Rolliní on
Rolliní on
Itís hard sometimes
Pretty much itís alright

  Outro: G#m