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Done With Bonaparte Chords

Done with Bonaparte                                                                  

Original tuning : Sib

Intro : / La / Ré / Sim / Mi / La / Ré / Ré / Mi / La / Ré / Sim / Mi / La / Ré / Mi / La / 
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La        Fa#m
We’ve paid in hell since Moscow burned
As cossacks tear us piece by piece.
Our dead are strewn a hundred leagues
Though death would be a sweet release,
And our Grande Armée is dressed in rags
A frozen starving beggar band.
Like rats we steal each other’s scraps
Ré                    Mi                       / Mi / La /
Fall to fighting hand to hand.

Save my soul from evil, Lord,
          La                       Fa#m
And heal this soldier’s heart.
      La                    Sim       
I’ll trust in thee to keep me, Lord,
       Ré                     La
I’m done with Bonaparte.