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Belle Starr Chords

Emmylou Harris - Mark Knopfler
"Belle Starr" (Emmylou Harris)
Album: All the Roadrunning (2006)

The chords are played with an acoustic guitar (on the live version played by Emmylou
On the record, you can hear a slide guitar, probably played by Mark Knopfler or Richard
and a lead electric guitar, played by Mark Knopfler. I think that capos have been used 
enrich the harmony. However, you can play it normally with the classic positions as given below.
This is quite an easy song if you are familiar with this kind of rythm.
This cool country song has been written by Emmylou Harris and is a very good
to country music and country culture. Enjoy it!

Geoffrey Marsan

C (332010)
G7 (320001)
E (022100)
F (133211)
G (320033) or (355433)
Bb (113331)

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My mamma and my daddy
Told me that love is a two-way street
But lately baby, you've been finding
G7                             C
New ways of dragging your feet
So come on, make your best shot
F                            G
You don't have to take the blame
I'll be your belle star
G7                        C
You can be my Jesse James

There's lonely people everywhere
From Abilene to Arkansas
The way they run for cover
You'd think love was against the law
Well i don't need a pistol , baby
You won't have to rob a train
You can be my belle star
And i can be your Jesse James

Oh oh
C       G7
Oh oh

I know you've done some hard time
Bb                F            C
Baby, and you've got your doubts
When you feel surrounded
          F                      G
And it's looking there's no way out
I'll come riding to rescue
         G                       C
All you gotta do is call my name
I'll be your belle star
G                        C
You can be my Jesse James

Oh oh
C       G7
Oh oh

It don't take a genius, baby
There aint no big mystery
You can't play it safe
And still go down in history
So saddle up the horses
'Cos we're headed for the hall of fame
I'll be your belle star
You can be my Jesse James
I'll be your belle star
You can be my Jesse James

Oh oh
Oh oh

ad lib