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Today & Forever Chords

Today & Forever

Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2005

Intro: F#

Verse 1

F#                                       Bb
There seems so much I should say to you

F#                           Bb
It sounds ok when I'm feelin blue

B7                            Em
   Then daylight comes and it seems too hard to say

Those feelings are there but they've hidden for the day


Bb              F
I'll tell you now
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Bb               F/
Not quite sure how 
To tell you that I want 
                  Dm                    Bb
to hold you in my arms, share in all my dreams,
          F        (F C Bb F 1st) (2nd Bridge) 
today and forever  

Verse 2

Being open, can hearts express

never ending a' kiss

The time has come to tell you how i really feel

At risk of sounding foolish, here it is for real



G                                    C
No matter what the price may be come hell or high water
G                       /             C/                                Bb
I'll protect you, love encourage you, if we can be together....yeah yeah   

CHORUS with "your dreams"... 

                     Dm                    Bb hold you in my arms, sharing all our dreams,
today and forever.