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Cowboy Dreams Chords

Cowboy Dreams

Music & Lyrics Copyright 2005 Mark Bellinger

C                          Am         Em
When I'm sitting here high up upon my steed
        C               Am           Em
There's nothing in this world that i need
    F                      G7
The fresh breeze clears my head
        F             G7
There's no more to be said
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C                  Am              Em
Wherever me and my friend chose to roam
    C                 Am          Em
Any place we stop and stay is our home
        F              G7
There's folks in every town
     F             G7
That know we'll be around

    C  F  G7                  C  F  G7
And I''''''m living in cowboy dreeeams
                              C      C7
It's the best place that i've seeeeeen
G7                       C
Since you went away from me

Verse 2

These big old places are my new world
Cos they told me that the hero gets the girl
I´ve found that´s not so true
So i´m out here feelin blue

If you could see me now you´d want me back around
But my life is here, i´m livin outward bound
Singin here and there
A life without a care

Chorus (Repeat last line)