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Apple Of Sodom Bass Tab

Marilyn Manson - Apple of Sodom - Bass

Legend; (==) = let ring 
           \ = slide down to the next note

To play this, tune your E down to a D.

Bass comes in at "You got something you can never eat,"

Riff 1 >D|0=--12=\-0=-12-7==| 8 times 

until "Cover me in snow," (for the 2nd time) then play;

Riff 2 >A|5===------------|
        D|----0===3==1-1==| 4 times
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until"I'm dying, I hope you're dying too"(for the 3rd time) then it

Riff 1 >D|0=--12=\-0=-12-7==| 6 times

"One - two - three";

Riff 3 >A|-----56=-----565| 
        D|0-0-0---0-0-0---| 4 times

until just after Marilyn stops singing, when it changes to;

Riff 4 >A|--5======35==353|
        D|0=------0--0----| and fades out...
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