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Okay, here is my transcription of White Feather from
Marillion's Album "Misplaced Childhood" as my warped
ears and mind perceive it.  It sounds like the guitar
has a lot of effects on it.  To me it sounds like
  An octave pedal with two outputs:
   The original tone(notated) with a clean sound and
   the lower octave with a slight distortion.
Both of these sound to have been fed through chorus
and delay effects.  Got me, so here is my best :)
(No Flames, at least I tried. Kind Corrections appreciated)
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                       White Feather
                Misplaced Childhood (Track 10)

        ~                                           Play Twice

This next part is tricky to hear, cause there is so much
going on with the guitar and keys and effects.  This sound
close to me.  You can expand upon this if you want to find
something that you think sounds better.

       Palm Muted

 This is more or less the pattern that most of the rest of
the song follows, with all kinds of overdubs and little fills
that are hard to hear.  I'm sorry that it isn't exact, but
neither am I. It mainly centers around a slightly muted pattern
on the top two strings.