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Subject:  "Script for a jester's tear" by Marillion
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The following chords have a slightly higher change then most random
sets of chords, at being the right ones for "Script for a jester's 
tear" by Marillion. I have serious doubts about many of them, so
remarks are very welcome.

So here I am once [Dm] more 
in the playground of the [Bb] broken [C] hearts,
one more ex[Gm]perience, one more [F] entry 
in a [Am] diary, self-[Dm]penned.
Yet another emotional [Bb] sui[C]cide, 
overdosed on [Am] sentiment and [Dm] pride.
[Cm] Too late to say I [G] love you.
Too [Cm] late to restage the [G] play.
A[Cm]bandoning the [G] relics 
in my [D] playground of yester[G]day.
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I'm [D] losing on the [A] swings,
I'm [F#m] losing on the [Bm] roundabouts.
I'm [D] losing on the [A] swings,
I'm [F#m] losing on the [Bm] roundabouts.
[D] Too much, too soon, 
[A] too far to go,
[F#m7] too late to play, [Bm]
the game is [D]o-[Bm]ver,
the game is [D]o-[Bm]ver.

[D] [A] [F#m]  [D] [A] [F#m]

[Bm] [F#sus7] [Bm] [F#sus7] [Bm] [F#sus7]
[Bm] [F#sus7] [G] [A] [G] [F#sus7]
[Bm] [F#sus7] [Bm] [F#sus7] [Bm] [F#sus7]
[Bm] [F#sus7] [G] [A] [G] [F#sus7]
[Bm] Yet [F#sus7] a[Bm]no[F#sus7]ther e[Bm]motio[F#sus7]nal
[Bm] su[F#sus7]i[G]cide [A] [G] [F#sus7]

 	repeat these chords until you get sick of 'em, or
 	until you reach...: 

...[A] the [G] game [F#sus7] is [Em] over....

I [Em] act the [Bm] role in [F#sus7] classic style [Em]
of a [Em] martyr [Bm] carved with a [F#sus7] twisted smyle [Em]
To [Em] bleed the [Bm] lyrics [F#sus7] for this song [Em]
to [Em] write the [Bm] rites, to [F#sus7] right my wrongs [Em]
An [Am] epi[G]taph to a [F] broken dream [G]
to [Am] exor[G]cise this [F]silent scream [G]
A [Em] scream [Bm] [F#sus7] that's [Em] borne
from [Em] sorrow [Bm] [F#sus7] [Em]


Promised wedding now A [A] wake [F#m] [E] [B]

[Abm] [A] [F#m] [B]
The [Abm] fool escaped from paradise will look
[A] over his shoulder and cry.
[F#m] Sit and chew on daffodils and
[B] struggle to answer why?

	repeat [Abm] [A] [F#m] [B] with just one variation: 

..has gone [Abm] solo in the [A] game,
I've gone [D] solo [F#m] in the [B] game.

Stefan Frank (
Vrije Universiteit
The Netherlands