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Here are parts of the tab for "Cover My Eyes" from Holidays in Eden
by Marillion

The parts I am providing are repeated with some variation through the
song...  You should be able to figure out what goes where rather easy.
This may be off just a bit, but it sounds okay to me.

   -Dan Newcombe

Cover My Eyes  by  Marillion

(Capo at 2nd Fret.  Frets indicated are actual frets with or without

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The first part is the intro to the song and played during the verse.

(Mute the B string.   There is delay on Steve's guitar)

This is the part that is played during the "chorus"

(Distorted Guitar - Chords)
               E           F              C#       D
She's like the girl in the movie when the spitfire falls.

After the chorus, instead of the main rythym, he just plays the
chords through a few times, and then goes back to the rythym.

that is about for the solo, I don't copy solo's.  I think
the beginning part where he is doing the volume swells is