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Panic Beach Chords

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From: (William Vaughan)
Date: 12 Jul 1995 20:59:36 GMT
Subject: CRD Maria McKee's "Panic Beach"

Here's my attempt at Maria McKee's "Panic Beach" off her
first solo CD.  Some of the chords maybe off (Bm7 instead of Bm
for example) but I think its pretty close.  Let me know of any problems
Listen to the song for specific timing (ie A --> Asus4)
Capo 3rd fret - chords written as if first position (ie A=C)

Intro  A     Asus4 A

*Verse 1*

A                     Asus4           A
Well the dog act got drunk again last night

        F#m                   D               Bm
And the King and Quenn of the waltz clog team had another fight

         D                 A
King was careless with his tango grip

        E                  Bm
Nearly lost his queen in a dip

            D                           A
Yeah, she righted herself, straightened out her slip

and kicked him in the shin

*Verse 2*

     A                          Asus4        A
Miss Billy Begonia thinks she's hit the big time

            F#m                    D
She wants a thick red rug from the dressing room door

To the frontline of the footlights

            D                 A
She's got a sky blue swandown powder puff

      E                   Bm
and a corset to keep her spirts up

      D                    A
Yeah, she don't sweat, she sours and melts

Like ice cream in the sun

She'll be out of a job at the end of this

D/C#       D
Three week run

[ Tab from: ]
D           A                      D    Dsus2
We're havin fun out here, on Panic Beach

                   A                           D     Dsus2
All the Vaudeville bums are here, out on Panic Beach

I hear them talk about the palace

         Bm                  D
But its so far out of reach

So I'll do my time

             E             A      A/B   A/C#   D
Then say goodbye to Panic Beach

                      A   A/B   A/C#    D
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

*Verse 3 - same chords has verse 2*

The visionary theatric strikes a juggler's seesan tune
and the dying swan pirouettes and fawns
by the light of the street lamp moon
When my trunk is filled with taffeta
Those big time hacks won't laugh at us
When my taps are mado of silver
I can make the kiddies thrill for just one buck and wing
Yeah, I will nail them to my heel and the pnaic choir sings

*Chorus II - same chords as Chorus*

Here comes a lucky little thing to panic beach
yeah, you know we got to teach him how to sing
While we're stuck on panic beach
Ah, the way ya hear em say it
Doesn't seem so out of reach
So I'll do my time
Then say goodbye to Panic Beach
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

*Little waltzy instrumental not completely figured out - I just goof around on
the D A  E  Bm, but its not right*

*Verse 4 - same chords as verse 2 except no chord over first line - pick up
with F#m in second line*
Well the landlord gets a free show, every Saturday at six
Sometimes on Sunday all dependin on whatever kind of
mood he's in
I keep his glass filled up with sherry
And sing him all his favorite songs
If a tear comes to his eye, he may let
A month go by before he takes away my key
Oh, that sherry, starts to taste real good to me

Hey mam look at me on panic beach
I may be hungry but my rent is free up on panic beach
yeah, I can almost see the palace
No longer out of reach
So I'll do my time
Then say goodbye to Panic Beach
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Fade on A   D